About Me

Although I am pursuing a PhD in engineering, I’ve taken somewhat of a circuitous path to get here.  At age 13 I became interested in a career in professional ballet.  Throughout high school and early college I trained and auditioned intensively and at 19 was accepted as a trainee at Ballet Austin in Texas (a position similar to an unpaid internship).  I spent two years training and working with this company.  These two years were both difficult and rewarding.  At the end of my traineeship, despite still loving ballet, I was ready to move on to another chapter of my life.

My father was an engineer and while I lived in Austin I met several students studying environmental engineering.  The more I learned about this field and the career possibilities the more interested I became.  I was inspired to enter a field where I felt like I could make tangible impacts on the world around me, and I found this in engineering.



 (photos from my former life)


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